Shopwindow is a brand new category of software. 

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Customer Experience Software for consumer facing business that have limited resources. 

Shopwindow has captured the best capabilities from 10 different software products to create customer experience software for consumer-facing business that don't have the time, money, people or expertise. The results are in this one simple and cost effective package.

Customer Experience Software is defined as a way for you to convert moderately interested parties into buyers or members. 

We replace, enhance or build the parts of your customer experience that are missing, outdated or not producing the results you need.  

Customer Experience features might include:

  • Content creation

  • Content delivery

  • Content management

  • Intelligent Content

  • SMS messaging

  • Email marketing

  • Marketing automation

  • Retargeting

  • eCommerce

  • Website Analytics

All in one product.  Most companies try cobbling together various software products and are usually generally disappointed with their results and the amount of money, expertise and effort required.  

Focused outwardly on your customers' experience, raising engagement, and increasing conversions. Focused inwardly on an easy to use, but intelligent system that listens to every interaction - responds - and shows you all the data you could dream of.

Woven seamlessly together enabling deep personalization to your customer and rich valuable data for you. 

Customer Experience Intelligence

The ability to facilitate intelligent 2 way communication across all your touchpoints.

Exceptionally powerful capabilities for consumer organizations that are running on limited resources (time, money and computer expertise).

The ability to plan and execute on sophisticated and intelligent campaigns for potential buyers.

A complete system pre loaded with the essential 15 capabilities needed for this moments marketing.


Customer Highlight

How Petland Increased Already Great Conversions by Adding Personalization.

Petland is constantly trying to improve its conversion ratios. Management can at any time point to a spreadsheet and show the win/loss ratio for each part of the funnel.